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Baguio Food
Baguio is known for its magnificent views and cold weather. But it also is home to some of the most delicious recipes in the Philippines. This blog aims to feature everything that the city of pines has to offer in terms of food. Baguio's contribution to the archipelago's cuisine is not surprising, because here you can find really fresh and cheap ingredients, so much so that tourists flock to our local markets to check out what it has to offer. BaguioFood.info will attempt to chronicle that and more in the hopes that when you come to visit our city, you would have time to try out everything featured here and find out for yourself how Baguio is a food lover's haven.

Certified Foodies - For the LOVE of Food!
Certified Foodies is a blog shared by 2 food lovers - Mhel and Kien - and their friends. They write about their latest foodie find or discovery, and they share their journey to knowing more about food and cooking. They also share their own recipes here, reviews of food products and restaurants they've tried, and the latest promos that foodies out there should take advantage of. Stay tuned for Project The Burp Society!

Come Dine In
My Recipes and Food Stories – This blog has been created for personal purpose - to archive the recipes I’ve tried, prepared and served for my family and friends - just in case I forgot how I did them the first time, I have somewhere to dig to. But as my recipes grow in number, this blog also serves as an easily accessible recipe book for the fellow moms who find them interesting and would want to try them too in their own kitchens. The recipes I post are mostly from different recipe sites and cookbooks, while others are from my own kitchen doodling. =) I also include some outside treats we had on certain occasions where we feel like dining out.

Dinings Of Joy
When I first started putting together this food blog, right off the bat I knew that this is going to be jam packed full of great food from different restos in and around Manila and the Philippines as a whole. From time to time, I’ll feature food I cook at home (this will take a lot of energy and effort for I am not good at cooking and that I love my family I wouldn’t like them to suffer from indigestion. One of the great things you will notice about this blog is that I like inserting funny notes (I like to think I’m funny, but my family thinks otherwise). I will also feature people, front-liners, food servers who takes pride in doing their job to the best they can.  Whether you’re looking for a new dining place or a new dish, I hope this food blog may help you out. Bon a petit!!!

Dishes by Pehpot
A recipe/food blog. The blog published recipes that are classic to Filipino taste. It is also about discovering new cuisines, trying out new dishes and learning different cultures on the way. It also talks about kitchen stuffs and appliances. Other than Filipino dishes, you will also find Filipino desserts and Filipino delicacies here.

Eat, Drink, Blog
The Eating and Drinking Adventures of a Blogger was created because of the author’s hobbies which are obviously: EATING, DRINKING and BLOGGING. This blog will share the experiences of the author’s escapades with herself, her family and with her friends when it comes to eating, drinking and blogging. The author will blog about locations, prices and her own opinions on the food she eats and the beverages she drinks. :D

Flakes and Nuts
Food is my passion. My passion in food blogging started when I joined weekly food meme and so Flakes and Nuts was born. I imported all my old food posts and transferred to this site. Blogging about food and everything, my recipe, food at the events, from nuts to fruits to goodies of all varieties, tidbits and flakes.. =)

Foodies Galore
Foodies Galore will feature home cooked meals that hubby and I prepared, foods that the kids love, restaurant dishes and many others.

Food and Passion
Its a blog where cooking and kikay meets. A whole new site and its all about me.  Here i talk about my love for cooking, showcase new recipes, discuss all my musings (even rants) and everything else that interests me- from food, fashion, books, the latest in rumor mill, and all the kikay stuff i could think about.  Join me as i document my explorations in the kitchen and feel free to grab the recipes that i will be indexing in this blogsite.  Listen to my raves as i highlight all my girly thoughts, wish lists and even good finds that i would love to share to fellow bloggers.  Enjoy the journey with me in this blog adventure where good food, cooking and kikay meets.

Foodstuff Blog
A Food Lover's Blog. I blog about anything food related from restaurant reviews/critiques, recipes, cooking tips and more!

A weekly meme that gather food bloggers around the world and share a food picture every Friday.It started with 10 bloggers on its first day of April in 2009, but after more than year, we have an average of 50 food bloggers who shared their favorite food, their own recipe, kitchen tips and tricks,restaurant reviews among others.Food Photo Meme.

Good Food Trippin
A food journal for me and my family's quest to satiate our stomach with good food from restaurants and places in and out of the metro. This blog is an honest to goodness review blog from our gastronomic adventures. We will keep finding new places to dine in, and you can be sure that we won't be limited to just the "famous" or posh dining spots, but we will include even those places that you may not have heard of, but certainly worth trying. And hopefully, we won't have to write any negative reviews, but of course, this blog will only showcase our honest and unbiased opinions from the food down to the service of the staff.

Healthy Lifestyle
A blog that hosts my food photos and where i also post my own cooking ideas and simple recipes.  If you love eating and cooking some vegetable recipes, then come by anytime to peep what am having in my small kitchen. They can't be found in any printed books as they are my "whatever-come-to-mind" recipes

House Of Maria
A food blog documenting our kitchen recipes and other stuff. Though I don't cook but I simply love to eat so watch out for our food reviews as we wine and dine around the metropolis.

Hubby's Cook
This is a food blog of a wife about her culinary adventures in the kitchen with the all-time favorite dishes of her husband, and trying out new recipes from main course to desserts. It is also about discovering new cuisines during our dine outs. It is also my nook for kitchen gadgets and appliances that I have and those that I wanted to have.

Kitchen Essentials
The kitchen of a work-at-home Mom with great passion for cooking. She will share here her food explorations, recipes, health tips, favorite spices, brands and other kitchen essentials.

Life Mix
A blog that tackles about food, places, people, life, meme, and random ramblings. I share simple home cooking food and different cuisine that I learned online.

Matakaw Ako!
A blog about anything about food, smorgasbord, eat-all-you-can, buffet, food fiesta, dine-in, take away have a bite and bon appetite!

Mouth's Delight
This is a journey from own kitchen and beyond. It has a compilation of what I have been cooking on my kitchen, the foods that I miss and the foods that I wanna try. This is about what delights my mouth and the mouths of my readers.

Must Have Food
Blog of a Pinay foodie who loves to cook for her family despite her 8(sometimes 10 or 12)-hour job. This journal was born in an attempt to chronicle all her food adventures as she experiments on new dishes and improves on old ones. The author does not believe in denying oneself of the comfort that homemade food goodness brings, and cooks as much as she can at home. But far from being purely a recipe blog, Must Have Food will be home to all the types of cuisines that the author has tried or is planning to try in the near future, whether it be home-cooked or a dish at an inexpensive fastfood or a fancy restaurant.

My Food, Fashion, and Beauty Blog
This blog features food reviews and recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews perhaps, beauty product reviews, beauty tips, cosmetics, fashion tips, and more. This is me exploring what most ladies are interested in as I try to prettify and reinvent myself in the process.

My Tummy Calls
A detail of my journey with food, whether home-cooked or take-out, dine-in or for delivery. At times it may even be about sampling a new cuisine or just daring for something out of the ordinary. When I try something out and it turns out great, I also share the recipe for everyone to enjoy.

My Tummy is Full
My Tummy is Full was born out of sheer fun of a couple who share a love for good food, going on road trips looking for good eats and basically getting their tummies full.

Noob Foodie
As the name suggest, the blog is about a trying hard foodie who would want to travel the different parts of the Philippines to learn and experience different local and international cuisines, fusions, easy recipes anybody can do at home, and food art. Food is not only expressed by taste, but how it's presented. So aside from being a noobfoodie, we would want to capture the beauty and art of making food.

Our Food Trip
Our Food Trip chronicles the food adventures of a family who’s fond of cooking, eating out, and serving good food to friends and family. This blog also features cooking tricks and tips, restaurant reviews, and alerts on the best food and dining deals in and out of the Metro

Perfectly Blended
Perfectly Blended is an online journal that talks about foods, recipes, restaurants and how they relate to my personal experiences. This blog is also the home of YUMMY SUNDAY a Sunday food meme that features different kinds of food shots.

Pinoy Dishes
A way to a man's heart is through stomach.. and a way to show that our appreciation is through this blog. This is a blog of a man who's love for Pinoy dishes is undeniable. International is cool but Filipino Cuisines rocks!

Plate And Me
This is not your ordinary food blog. Coming from the Girls Talk, this is about finding your appetite without losing your money. It's about family and eating and dining out.

Project Happiness Bakehouse
Project Happiness by Iris is a blog about my love for food and my journey in baking and fondant molding. I am such a fast food junkie then that I plan to visit blog-worthy restaurants instead of blogging about the calories I get from every McDonald's visit. As for baking, oh well, my husband and I put up a business, an online bakehouse business teehee! We usually make fondant cakes and cupcakes and of course my to-die-for revel bars! So if you need birthday cakes and cupcakes like Ben10 fondant cake and sponge bob cupcakes, just leave me a note :)

Tasty Exploration
Tasty Exploration is a food blog that usually journals the author’s personal exploration and discovery of Thai Cuisines and recipes, adventures and misadventures in her own kitchen and healthy tips once in a while. Topics also include reviews of food shows, recipes, restaurant reviews and chef bios, among others, kitchen exploration, healthy tips and more!

The F Blogger
This blog talks about everything food! From the local Baguio cuisine to all the flavors of the world that is within my tongue's reach, you can find it here. Far from being a recipe blog (although it does offer a recipe or two once in a blue moon), this journal delves instead on the heavenly world of breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the wonderful snacks and desserts in between. Whether it be home or fast food or restaurant -made. Nothing fancy though, just your average Joe's food. But definitely all delicious!

The Honey And Spice
A Pinay's Adventure in Malaysian Cooking

The Peach Kitchen
The Peach Kitchen is about my adventure in and out of my kitchen. I came from a family of cooks. Not professional cooks, just people who know how to cook good food. I've been tasting and smelling soul food since birth and I wanted to see if I can cook these old recipes myself. This blog is also about discovering new recipes from different parts of the world. So far, I've managed to cook Japanese, Italian and some Chinese Cuisine.
There are times that I also publish some yummy but light South beach Diet recipes to help those who are trying to lose weight.

Yami Kitchen
Yami Kitchen is an attempt to showcase my creative side as a (trying hard) cook. I'm no culinary expert, but the food and recipes that I share here have been tried and tested by my family especially my two picky eaters with discriminating taste for (masarap na ulam) good food. YK also features favorite Filipino cuisines. First on my list is my personal fave Sinigang. YK visitors will also be treated with sumptuous posts about our food trip adventures!

I started this blog in the hopes of sharing my love for food. I’m a mom to two picky eaters and a wife to another picky eater which prompted me to search the web for yummy and healthy recipes, and modify so my family can enjoy them. Feel free to grab and enjoy the recipes.