Friday, June 29, 2012

Cocktails at Pacific Lounge

A night of gastronomic delight combined with great company is what 
I experienced at Pacific Lounge. 

Pacific Lounge is a luxurious lounge located at the 21st floor of Pan Pacific Hotel, catering  daily  breakfast (6:00 am to 10:30 am) and cocktails (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm). 

At P600.00 per head, you get to savor wide selection of international cocktails selection and enjoy perfect view of Manila Bay.

It was a night worth spent at a good place, with good food and good company.

Joy, Lani, Pauline, me and Karen...ooops, forgot that cute Brazilian kid (lol!)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tokyo Cafe

Whenever we go to Megamall and pass by Tokyo Cafe, I'd tell my husband for us to try the place for I believe this Japanese Restaurant is somewhat related to Tokyo Tokyo - which I used to handle the accounts when I was still working with Medicard.

Upon entrance, I asked the Manager if Tokyo Cafe and Tokyo Tokyo are sister companies. I was wrong. Anyways, since we already planned on having lunch at  Tokyo Cafe  we ordered TEN-JU and OYAKU-JU both at Php248.00.

TEN-JU - Deep Fried Fish Tempura with signature tempura sauce, served with steamed rice, Php 248.00
This  OYAKU-JU looks a lot different from Tokyo Cafe's menu board because I asked the server to put the sauce on the side for fear that my kids won't like it. Truth to tell, they ate the chicken strips, I finished the sauce and the vegetables on the side.

OYAKO-JU, sliced chicken braised in signature tempura sauce with onions
and leeks mixed in egg on steamed white rice, Php 248.00
Our verdict for both meals: Serving is small, the salad doesn't go well with the shrimp and chicken strips. Chicken strips is a bit hard to bite, especially for the kids. 
The coffee, I must say, passed the discriminating taste of my husband.
The milk was served in a small  clear glass that has crack on the side.
We told the server to change it, and that they must be very careful in using this kind of glassess,
cups, etc for safety purposes. 

The kids had ice cream for dessert, courtesy of the Manager on duty.

Hanged on the walls are framed menu that has Japanese words with English translation.

From the outside, one would think Tokyo Cafe has a small space.  Once inside you'll find they have a bigger place. It is also commendable that the dining area is very clean.

We're probably going back, just for the coffee...and the ice cream for the kids.