Friday, September 30, 2011


This is my latest craving, Soyami SOYA Stix. It has 2 variants, Chili and Garlic. Both tastes good, but if one prefers a little spice go for the chili.

Soya Stix is good for those watching their diet. My friends say it looks that I lost some weight. I can't say, maybe because I switch from bread to soya stix for my morning meal.

Soya Stix is distributed exclusively by AM Global Marketing, the same company that makes Soyami Chips.


Benefits of Soya:

Weight Loss,High Protein Content, Management of Diabetes,Healthy Bones, Calcium, Protein, High fiber

Helps prevents the following:

Osteoporosis,Cancer Prevention,Reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure, Reduces Menopause Symptoms, Child Obesity, Hair Loss, Increased healing of the wounds, Protects again Alzheimer’s

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hyphy's - A Fusion of San Francisco and Philippines

At HYPHY'S (pronounced as high fees) the menu are inspired by the food the owner, Chef Bruce Lim, grew up with. Every food reminds him of the journey, the neighborhood and the lessons he had in San Francisco. Chef Bruce incorporated the Pinoy food with the food he loved at San Francisco, where he was born and raised.

CLAM CHOWDER SOUR DOUGH BREAD is great at P170. This is a full meal already with rich and creamy thick clam and potato soup. This soup is specially made more delicious if you eat it with the bread.

DOLORES PORK BURRITO, P300, carne asada stuffed in flour, tortilla mixed in with Spanish rice, refried beans, with salsa fresca and salsa roja and served with sour cream on the side. This will really fill your tummy. One of this made me full from lunch to dinner.

SF CRAB LOUIE, P250, is a fresh take on salad. Though a bit spicy, this salad has replaced my old favorite (Pomelo Shrimp Salad). Mixed greens topped with crabmeat and served with a Louie dressing.

CALAMANSI TUYO PASTA, P130, is a crowd favorite. Native dried salted fish (tuyo) is sauteed in garlic oil and tossed in pasta, topped with cheese and calamansi. A single order is good enough for two persons to share.

SPAM MASUBI, P300, is Chef Bruce's favorite, now it's also mine! This is an original from Hawaii, that look a lot like a giant Japanese Maki. Slices of spam topped with rice and egg, wrapped in seaweed and served with a sweet soy sauce, is a complete meal itself.

BURGER MY WAY, P290, the pattie is a mixture of ground beef and pork stuffed with cheese and grilled to perfection. Be sure to tell the order taker if you want the egg runny or be cooked through.

Fruit shakes at P75

The food was so delicious it made me forget the name of the dessert I ordered.

HYPHY'S is located at the Veranda of Robinson's Galleria. You may contact them for reservations at 477-7611.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Raku Hokkaido Ramen House

For an authentic Japanese, Hokkaido style dining, head on at Raku Hokkaido Ramen House. Raku has variations of the four basic ramen flavors: Shoyu (soy-based), Shio (salt), Tonkatsu (pork broth) and, of course, miso. Served with characteristic Japanese minimalism on beautiful pottery imported straight from the inscrutable country, Raku is easily an authority on Japanese noodle preparation. However, it is worthy to note that you will be surprised – the different noodle dishes bring consumers to a unique noodle experience. Executed flawlessly by Executive Chef CK Kalaw, who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Australia, Raku’s noodles have a playful and distinct touch while still maintaining the soothing and familiar flavors.


Raku offers a variety of gyoza filling like meats, seafood and vegetables. Their gyoza is not the typical fried or steamed, Raku uses Yaki-gyoza style when cooking their dumplings.


Raku, which provides its consumers with comforting and legitimate Hokkaido cuisine in a typical Japanese setting, but surprises them with a playful and impish after taste . All in all, the effect really does lend a sense of blissful happiness and contentment.


Bento is a must have for diners who cant decide what to eat, for Raku's bento will definitely satisfy a hungry eater.

What's best? Raku is on buy 1 take 1 all food items from 2pm to 6pm and 9pm to 11pm daily. Certain guidelines to be followed: The promo is not applicable for beverages. Not applicable for other discounts and senior citizen discount. For delivery and take out, add P20 per order for microwavable packaging. Vat excluded.

Raku is located at the ground floor of Le Grand Condominium, 130 Valero Street in Salcedo Village, Makati City. For delivery and take-out, call 553-6632. XO46 Bistro is a member of the Advent Manila Restaurant Group.

Raku has another branch, at the 4/f of NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meryenda at Lola Maria's Restaurant

If you happen to be within the vicinity of Mandaluyong and got caught in traffic between 2pm to 5pm, getting hungry? Refrain from going to a mall, instead head on at The Legend Villas and have meryenda (snack) at Lola Maria's Restaurant.

Mini Choco Chip Cookie, my daughter's favorite munch

A MUST try! Batangas Lomi, P158. My niece Pao, ordered this, everyone ended sharing because this Lomi tastes really good.

Dinuguan at Puto, P178, Filipino's favorite meryenda. Chopped pork belly stewed in vinegar, pork blood and chilli pepper

Legend Burger, P248, is 100% grilled ground beef patty served with lettuce, tomato,
cucumber in sesame bun

Club Sandwich, P285, a 3-deck sandwich of chicken, ham, bacon and cheese with a choice of potato chips or french fries.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Comida China de Manila - Old Chinatown Cuisine

Are you a seeker of good Chinese food? Then, Comida China de Manila is a place to satisfy your palate.

Ever heard of Morisqueta Tostada? Pueco con Agreo Dulce? Camaron Rebosado, Ampalaya con Carne? All these Spanish sounding dishes are actually delicious, authentic Chinese food. Fried Rice, Sweet Sour Pork, Shrimps in Batter and Bitter Melon with Beef are what they are, respectively. And certified foodies of yesteryears did not go hunting for “Chinese Food” when they had food cravings or wanted to eat out with family and friends. They looked for “Comida China” (literally Chinese food in Spanish) which to old Manilans referred to that distinct style of panciteria fare in Binondo from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s
and post-war era which has survived to this day – has changed its name to Comida China de Manila. Located along E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave. (C5) in Pasig City.


1. Comida China Soup

An old favorite, this savory soup is made with eggs, pork, green peas, carrots an

d fat choi. It’s a great way to start your meal.

2. Pinsec Frito

Deep fried wanton wrapper with a minced pork or shrimp filling, perfect with our sweet and sour sauce.

3. Cold Cuts Platter

An appetizer platter consisting of roast barbecued pork, lechon macau, chinese sausage, pata jamon, seaweed and century egg.

4. Ampalaya Con Carne

Tender sliced beef with sliced ampalaya (bitter melon) with just the right degree of bitterness stir-fried in a tasty sauce. This dish has won many "converts" who have discovered the pleasure of eating ampalaya.

5. Camaron Rebosado Con Jamon

Another classic Binondo dish, it is deep fried battered shrimp with ham.

6. Fried Shrimp Balls

A very popular among our patrons, it is minced shrimp coated in bread crumbs and fried until golden brown.

7. Comida China Chow Mein

Our very popular noodle dish is a combination of Chinese brocoli leaves, black mushroom, pork,
shrimp, and special sauces over freshly cooked canton noodles for an interestingly
different and delicious dish.

8. Beancurd with Fish

Cuts of fresh tofu and battered fish fillet that are topped with a tasty brown sauce prepared with sauteed garlic, tomatoes and yellow beans.

9. Fried Lapu-lapu with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Deep fried whole Lapu-Lapu topped off with our sweet and sour sauce.

10. Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Roasted Barbequed Pork and Chinese Sausage

Fried Rice with roast pork barbecue, chinese sausage and egg. Flavorful and good to eat by itself.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Equally as popular, this fried rice consists of roast barbequed pork, shrimp, green peace and green onions.

For more dining, catering and in-house feasts , and other details about Comida China de Manila, visit Comida China de Manila on Facebook or call 671-5942, 914-0832 and 914-0830.