Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hyphy's - A Fusion of San Francisco and Philippines

At HYPHY'S (pronounced as high fees) the menu are inspired by the food the owner, Chef Bruce Lim, grew up with. Every food reminds him of the journey, the neighborhood and the lessons he had in San Francisco. Chef Bruce incorporated the Pinoy food with the food he loved at San Francisco, where he was born and raised.

CLAM CHOWDER SOUR DOUGH BREAD is great at P170. This is a full meal already with rich and creamy thick clam and potato soup. This soup is specially made more delicious if you eat it with the bread.

DOLORES PORK BURRITO, P300, carne asada stuffed in flour, tortilla mixed in with Spanish rice, refried beans, with salsa fresca and salsa roja and served with sour cream on the side. This will really fill your tummy. One of this made me full from lunch to dinner.

SF CRAB LOUIE, P250, is a fresh take on salad. Though a bit spicy, this salad has replaced my old favorite (Pomelo Shrimp Salad). Mixed greens topped with crabmeat and served with a Louie dressing.

CALAMANSI TUYO PASTA, P130, is a crowd favorite. Native dried salted fish (tuyo) is sauteed in garlic oil and tossed in pasta, topped with cheese and calamansi. A single order is good enough for two persons to share.

SPAM MASUBI, P300, is Chef Bruce's favorite, now it's also mine! This is an original from Hawaii, that look a lot like a giant Japanese Maki. Slices of spam topped with rice and egg, wrapped in seaweed and served with a sweet soy sauce, is a complete meal itself.

BURGER MY WAY, P290, the pattie is a mixture of ground beef and pork stuffed with cheese and grilled to perfection. Be sure to tell the order taker if you want the egg runny or be cooked through.

Fruit shakes at P75

The food was so delicious it made me forget the name of the dessert I ordered.

HYPHY'S is located at the Veranda of Robinson's Galleria. You may contact them for reservations at 477-7611.


  1. peachkins and batblog: yes, it's really yum!!!Thanks for the visit guys!

  2. wanna go there, fren, kakatakam naman...

  3. wow parang nagutom ako type ko ma try ang pasta!!!


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