Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sizzler is a chain of barbeque restaurant that serves Asian food. The service is fast but do not expect much when it comes to ambiance. This is the best place to visit when kids says, "Mom, I'm super hungry!". They have soups that can be served in just 3 minutes like my favorite lomi.

Chicken Barbeque with Java Rice is my ultimate Sizzler fave. My daughter, Julia, liked it the first time she tasted it. Be specific how you want your chicken done because they won't ask.

This Lomi is big enough for two to share. Juan ordered it, but because the serving is big we took it home and had it for breakfast the next day.

My son, Rafael is big on kare-kare, so he ordered it and shared it with his dad. Sizzler also serve kare-kare in half order.

All in, we paid around Php740.
Not bad for a family of 5 - two big tummies and three small ones.

Casa Armas

Casa Armas is a Filipino-Spanish dining that serves paella, tapa, seafood and the like. I'm not big on squid but the squid my friend Lyn ordered was an instant hit to everyone.

Black squid

I like that this buttered chicken comes with a lot (a lot!) of garlic. It's just so bad, I had to order 2 more cups of rice (ruined my diet!)

Buttered Chicken

This special chicken was recommended by the server. We were disappointed because it does not seem special at all. It's too oily and bland. Even the kids did not enjoy eating it. They settled for the squid.

Special Chicken

It's a consolation that they serve bread and butter before the main dish for it took almost an hour for our order to be served. The service was poor. The servers looks gloomy and were very inattentive. Probably because it was almost closing time when we arrived. Just the same, it's not supposed to be that way because we're paying customers. Good thing I was with the company of friends. We just laughed at the bad reception from Casa Armas, Podium.

In fairnesss, the ambiance of Casa Armas is great. But then again, I can't eat the ambiance. When dining out, I'd always look for the food and great service. The question now is, will I still go back at Casa Armas?


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busog-Sarap Lunch at Dampa sa Libis

Yesterday's lunch invitation brought me at Dampa Libis, located at 107 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave., Libis. Q.C. (Telephone numbers: 637-3301. 395-5050)

I ate half of this Cream Dory with gusto because it taste so fresh I didn't have to worry about the fishy after-taste
Cream Dory in Nido sauce

Garlic Shrimp



Fresh seafood catch at its finest

For meat lovers, beef in particular, try this rib-eye with shrimp sauteed in olive oil and garlic, served with corn, broccoli, mushroom, young corn and bell pepper on the side.

Never leave Dampa sa Libis without bringing home sweet and delicious pasalubong
from Mommy's Goodies

Special Cassava Cake

Mini Ensaymada