Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busog-Sarap Lunch at Dampa sa Libis

Yesterday's lunch invitation brought me at Dampa Libis, located at 107 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave., Libis. Q.C. (Telephone numbers: 637-3301. 395-5050)

I ate half of this Cream Dory with gusto because it taste so fresh I didn't have to worry about the fishy after-taste
Cream Dory in Nido sauce

Garlic Shrimp



Fresh seafood catch at its finest

For meat lovers, beef in particular, try this rib-eye with shrimp sauteed in olive oil and garlic, served with corn, broccoli, mushroom, young corn and bell pepper on the side.

Never leave Dampa sa Libis without bringing home sweet and delicious pasalubong
from Mommy's Goodies

Special Cassava Cake

Mini Ensaymada


  1. Oh my! The fish fillet and buttered shrimp looks so yummy! We're near Dampa sa Libis, as in 10 minute drive lang. I want to visit the place.

  2. Hi Gene! Lapit mo, try it there. Don't forget to buy din the cassava cake, HEAVEN! tinipid ko for 3 days for breakfast and merienda.

  3. just looking at it makes me hungry. thanks for the visit and hope you can also join us at green monday meme


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