Sunday, October 2, 2011

Malunggay (Pan) Cake

Making someone happy shouldn't be expensive. A little effort can make a difference on someones life.

Try this malunggay pan-cake that I usually make for teachers and neighbors celebrating their birthdays.

1 pack MAYA Quick & Easy Complete Hotcake Mix 200g

1/2 cup malunggay leaves (chopped)


In a mixing bowl, prepare hotcake mix as per package instructions. Add chopped malunngay leaves to hotcake batter just before cooking. Then cook hotcake as per desired size.
(Ingredients, Photo Above, and Procedure courtesy of The Maya Kitchen)

Visit The Maya Kitchen for more recipes:

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  1. I tell you, we are pretty much the same. If I don't feel like cooking, hubby calls for a pizza delivery. Hahaha.

    He like Angels Pizza too. He always gets rid of the buy one take one promo.


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