Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BI-WON Korean Restaurant

A lot of Korean's have been visiting the Philippines lately and some of them opted to stay for good. With their growing numbers, Korean restaurants have sprouted here and there. Most of these Korean restos make bits of changes to adapt to the Filipinos' taste buds. With that, one can say that it's not Korean after all. 

At Biwon Korean Restaurant, located in Pasay, EDSA, (Telephone numbers: 551-2118 and 834-7576)
the Chef stick sticks to the Koreans' traditional way of cooking and flavoring.

Japchhe, P320

Biwon’s Kimchi is made fresh daily so diners get the freshest taste just like the Koreans do it in Korea. 

It’s very informative to know that Koreans eat rice using their spoons, unlike the Chinese who uses chopsticks. Korean spoons are longer to prevent getting burn from the hot food.

Bulgogi, P300

Biwon  interior may be too simple but the Korean food they serve here definitely is  Korean!

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  1. I only think of Kimchi and other spicy food when it's Korean. Hope to try their dishes one of these days, or please bring me there! yummy!


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