Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yellow Cab Goodness

After Maizi's confirmation, we headed at Yellow Cab and had...ta-dah, PIZZA!

18" All Meat Pizza

The pizza is the moon on your plate and no matter how deep the night of your appetite, it will always light up the way. --- Guiseppe Moratta

Among the 3 pasta we ordered, husband and I voted best for the Meatball spag, although there were just 2 meatmalls, the sauce made up for the lack of meatballs.

Jalapeno Tango was not spicy enough for us but crispiness is good enough to satisfy our love for chicken wings.


  1. I miss!! :( love the charlie chan pasta.

    1. come and taste it again...thanks for dropping by here.

  2. Oh my yellowcab goodness! thanks to you both for being the ninang and ninong to my daughter!
    She was still sick here but looks very happy! :)

    1. and thanks to you for choosing us...kay jill ulit?


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