Friday, August 12, 2011

Alexa's Deli - Cafe and Wine Shop

Visiting my friends in Makati City, Bernard decided we dine at Alexa's Deli, located at the ground Floor of Classica Building, 112 H.V. Dela Costa, Makati City.

Since my husband is a coffee mug collector, this wall instantly caught my attention
I very much like the interior of this cafe and wine shop
Assortment of wine from different countries
Assortment of coffee from different countries
The food we ordered did not satisfy me, but the ambiance made up for it. Ms. Rose, Bernard and I were able to catch up and laugh to our hearts' content. Next time, I'd probably just get their coffee and cake.

Beef with Rice, P225
Breakfast Adobo, P200
Hungarian and Sausage Platter, P185
The ambiance would have been nice enough if the grape shake and Iced tea we've ordered were served in a nice tall glasses, rather than in plastic cups.

Grape Shake, P120
Iced Tea, P140


  1. thanks for sharing infos here.. but i agree with the drinks presentation. It would have been better with glass cups. :)

  2. Nuts: corny diba, a great ambiance using plastic cups...


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