Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OJ Top Commentator at Penang Hill

I treated Occasions of Joy's June Top Commentator at Penang Hill last August 19. Chel De Vera Mariano said she wanted to try a new restaurant, so this was the best choice, being very near Clarity (where she had Intense Diamond Peel).

Pineapple Fried Rice is a combination of sweet and sour taste. Ingredients include nuts, raisins, egg, bell pepper, and shrimp. I like the presentation. At P200, this is worth trying.

Shrimp Pomelo Salad, P210. The pomelo alone made me happy, it's super sweet. The shrimps are extra big, too. I just do not like how they splatter the mayo dressing, it looks messy. I would have appreciated this salad more if they placed the dressing on a separate bowl.

Broccoli Beancurd Mushroom, P195. Taste like the Broccoli with oyster sauce I cook at home, though this one has beancurd in it. This taste good but the way they cut the broccoli made it difficult for us to swallow, it's a bit big. Again, the presentation was not very appealing.

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  1. From now on I will comment on all your posts! Hihihi! Where is Penang Hill, btw?

  2. Hi Joy! Penang Hill is in Shangri-La Mall

  3. Ate Marilyn Lee Caoili got curious with this resto and I told her this is where we cousins will bond the next time she visits.
    JJ is asking me also to bring him here.
    Thanks, Joy, for introducing Penang Hill to me :-)


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