Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Delicious Homecooked Meals at Tootsies

Every time we'd go to Tagaytay, I'd see the homey facade of Tootsies, but each time we'd just passed by this restaurant to beat the traffic that awaits us in Manila. Last November, I made it a point to have dinner there with my family to treat my good friend, Nora - along with her daughters Maizi and Jill.

The homecooked meals at Tootsies is amazingly delicious, we keep coming back since the first time we dined there.

What we had:

Freshly catch inihaw boneless bangus with frsh tomatoes and onion on the top

Stir=fried mixed vegetables

Fried Chicken

Adobo flakes - my kids favorite. One have an option for moist or dry,
be sure to instruct the food server.

Boneless sinigang na bangus in kalamansi - my favorite.

Pinakbet - my husbands favorite

Steamed rice that smells so good with pandan leaf on top



Leche flan

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