Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sophisticated Lunch at Segara

After staying in Benisa Beach Resort in Morong Bataan we headed at Segara Suites for Arnold's meet-up with his cousin Dave (owner of Segara). Since we were already there and it's late for lunch, we tried their specialty dishes, Asian cuisine. 

A must try, is their buttered vegetables , which is my personal favorite. The kids, of course, settled for all time favorite, fried chicken.

Although binagoongan rice is also my favorite, I didn't like that their rice is too sticky. I felt like I was eating biko and not binagoongan rice which I first fell in love with when John and I went in Thailand in 1999.

Feeding 8 adults and 10 kids, our total bill, with 20% discount, was around P2,800+. This is without juices or any sweetened drinks for we all settled for service water. 

All in all, if you want to impress someone, dine in at Segara Villas and Suites because its stylish and modern Asian design will surely be a hit to people with sophisticated taste on art and design.

Bagoong Rice with Pork and egg on top
Barbeque ribs

Buttered vegetables

Fried chicken

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