Monday, July 1, 2013

Mongkok's Seaweed and Crabstick Roll

 After watching Superman in Shangri-La Mall, the first restaurant we saw was Mongkok. Since we were too hungry for not having breakfast at home, we decided to dine at Mongkok located at the 6th level.

I like seaweed and crabstick a lot so I sat two thumbs up for Mongkok's Seaweed and Crabstick Roll. We also liked their Chicken and Corn Soup.

Chicken and Corn Soup
The food we didn't like at Mongkok are Mixed Vegetables, because the green peas didn't blend well with the other veggies, Yang Chow Rice, the rice was too hard, Beef Terderloin Chinese Style is too sour for our taste.

Beef Terderloin Chinese Style
Since we didn't like the three food mentioned-above I asked the server to have it to go, and place them in microwavable container. When she came back, the food was already packed and told me there's a five pesos charge for the microwavable container. I told her she should have informed me immediately after told her to pack in that container, not after packing the food. In fairness to her, she didn't charge us for the microwavable container.

I just hope that the management will train all the staff to smile more. They all look gloomy while serving food which made the atmosphere and the food more unpalatable

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