Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sungayan Grill in Bolinao, Pangasinan

It was destiny that brought us to Sungayan Grill...We were actually lost at that time. We were looking for Tara Falls and Bolinao Falls when my husband said it will be a long way back to the resort. Sensing that John was right, I told him we better have lunch first. Along the road of Balingasay we saw the sign Sungayan Grill.  Looks yummy, I told John. So we proceeded.

This is Sungayan Grill's specialty, unfortunately we weren't able to get as the last plate was taken by the customers just minutes ahead of us. I asked their permission to take a photo of their delicious order

These are what we actually had - Beefsteak, sinigang na baboy and grilled liempo and  mix seafood and vegetables.  For all these we paid less than P1,200, that fed 8 people.

This mixed seafood and vegetable makes me salivate everytime I look at the photo. Better try it when you visit Sungayan Grill

For my drink and dessert, I ordered fresh mango shake

Happy and satisfied diners

The aftermath...wiped out plates!

I highly recommend Sungayan Grill not just for it's delicious food but also the great scenery it offers. It is located in the middle of river, a marine sanctuary.

The kids didn't get bored waiting for our food because they had fun watching the fsih being fed by the caretaker.

They even fed the fishes themselves...

One last photo op with the owner and her helpful daughters


  1. how much per head if buffet ?

    1. I'm not sure how much is their rate for buffet. Kindly check their FB Page for other details. Thanks for dropping by here...


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