Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elegant Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar

The DermatoPoietin Press Launch was a day of fine food and tasteful entertainment, where guests were treated to a 4-course luncheon at Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar - Greenbelt 5. 
Spiced Norwegian Salmon  was cooked just right. The brown rice on the side made this more palatable for me as brown rice is what we eat at home.
Crepe Marinated Salmon was a big surprise. I'm familiar with crepe with fruits in it but salmon...ooh, you've got to try this one. The pepper sprinkled on the side of the plate is good for those who like spicy.
Grilled U.S. Angus Top Blade Steak was cooked to perfection.
Freshly squeezed oranged juice that clear  my already sore  throat
Freshly ripe mango juice
Cream of Asparagus Soup. The croutons was ordinary.
It was garlic croutons which made the soup tastier.

Moist Chocolate Cake with berries on top which I had to bring home, I'm not much into sweet. 
This wine corks made into napkin holder captured my attention. I used to collect this when I was young.

Zuni's ambiance is elegant and yet all the staff are friendly and effective at what they do. One waiter goes around asking if they need anything else. This is must visit for guys wanting to impress the love of their life. I'm definitely going back at Zuni not just for their food but for the great service.  I'll check if the service is the same for regular diners.

Though their bar is a bit narrow, and gets to be crowded, I find still cozy. Perfect  for sharing intimate chat with people that matters most..



  1. I'll take the top salmon dish! It looks delicious.


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