Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peppery - Asian Cuisine At It's Finest

Foreboding bad weather plus the distance did not stop me from attending the opening of Peppery Asian Cuisine, located at the Ground Floor of Victoria Towers, Timog, Ave, Q.C.

I knew that this gastronomical adventure will be one for the record since I was invited by my Tukayo, Joy of Gastronomy by Joy.

We were greeted by welcoming smiles from the owners and staff  alike. I believe that good food must always be accompanied with great service, this and more you will experience at the Peppery.

Thai: Yam Mamuang (Green Mango Salad)

Variety of dimsum was the first to be served. I was already full after finishing this 5.

Chinese: Lap Cheung Fried Rice 

Japanese: Sarada Nippon (Seafood and Cucumber Salad)

Seafood Balls of some sort

Crab Pancake

Filipino: Kare-kareng Dagat (Seafood Kare-Kare)

Malaysian: Sarawaka (Curried pork spareribs)

Chinese: Pu Tong Hua Bian Chao Niu Rou (Glazed beef with mandarin oranges) 

Chinese: Gai Lan Niu Rou (beef  with broccoli)

Cambodian :  Chanh Va Toi Muc  (Lemon and Garlic Squid) 

Filipino: Adobong Manok na may gata

Indonesian: Sambal Ikan (Deep-fried Sambal Tilapia, served fillet style)

Chinese: Yee Mein (Crispy-Fried Noodles with lots of young corn and liver)
 I like young corn and liver a lot, so I had second-serving of this noodle dish. 
Thai:  Pad Thai (Stir-Fried Noodles with seafood)

I made sure to sample small portion of everything.

Passion fruit and watermelon are just two of my favorite fruits but it was the Coco Gello that completed my gastronomical adventure.


  1. MMMM...The salads and all those dishes still lingers in my taste buds and your pictures are so tempting me to go back...Kainis lang di makalabas ng house dahil sa baha at ulan. Pagbumuti ang panahon balik tayo and let us also check out their Vignette sa Ortigas.

    1. yes, to Vignette...and yes to pagtila ng ulan. kawawa naman ang mga apektado.


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